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Are you an organization that wants to tell an impossible story?


Flex is a powerful and playful team building workshop. Combining archetype cards, exponential scenarios, and live-action role-playing, Flex explores how cultural rituals and collective ownership influence the ability to innovate at your edges.

Designed to empower radical systems of exponential creativity, Flex cultivates individual and collaborative practices that

expand your organization's possibility space.

Awakyn is a portal to connection. The present moment is where real magic happens and Awakyn cards are designed to help you get real and go deep with anyone — at any moment.

This powerful and playful deck combines interactive social experiments, probing questions, and conversation starters that make it easy to meet new people and make new friends. 


Perfect for festivals, dates, networking events,

and family hangs.  



Arko Revivals are invigorating events that challenge participants to

co-create new creative rituals and

ways of connecting in a modern nomadic casbah. 

Described as "super fun soul juice" and 

"the party of the future" Arko Revivals are a radical space to experiment. Our events empower participants with the tools and space for self-expression and embodied presence. 



Your evolution

serves everyone.

ARKO.WORLD is a culture laboratory.

We engineer interactive experiences that

catalyze new forms of human connection.

We architect ancient future civilizations.

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