A Modern 



Unlock your evolution with a powerful and practical playbook for re-designing your reality. 

Use our creative rituals and quantum experiments to unlock your superpowers and deepen your connection to the game of life. 

Ancient mysteries remixed with self-mastery modalities: this is modern alchemy. 

Radical. Practical. 


All experiments 100% tried & tested by our head alchemists.

The Art of the 

Experiment, Vol 1

Coming August 2020. 

Our digital alchemy manual contains 10 practical alchemy experiments plus a powerful and practical methodology to re-design your life.

Each experiment can be played at your own pace.

The Experiment helped me connect with my true self. It woke me up.

Giu, Entrepreneur

The Experiment was extremely powerful and invigorating. 

Nathalie, Designer

The Experiment is where you expand your definition of self.

Jill, Executive Director

The Experiment helped me figure out what I love to do the most.

Sam, Dietician

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